LUC is an award-winning environmental consultancy providing town planning, landscape architecture, masterplanning and urban design, landscape planning and management, ecology and heritage services to a wide range of public and private sector clients. With a track record spanning 50 years and a team of over 125 skilled professionals, we bring a passion for the environment and a determination to achieve sustainable development for our clients.

Featured services

Ecology/land management

Ecology is at the heart of our work, being integral to the understanding of sustainable land use and management. Ecologists at LUC provide a range of services, seeking at all times to maximise opportunities for biodiversity in line with other project objectives.We have experience in both terrestrial and freshwater environments, covering most UK habitats and species.

Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)

LUC has been at the forefront of SEA & EIA practice and research for many years. We undertake Sustainability Appraisals/SEAs of spatial policies and plans at all levels from the national to local. At the project EIA level we provide advice at all stages of project implementation in a wide range of sectors. LUC also undertakes Habitats Regulations Assessment where required alongside EIA and SEA.

Master planning

We understand that the spatial experience of our towns and cities is fundamental in establishing distinctive, sociable and enduring places.At strategic masterplanning scale we promote placemaking principles to ensure that: public realm design is spatially stimulating; pedestrians and cycling connectivity is prioritised; activity and vitality is promoted; and economic performance is improved.At detailed scale we strive for locally distinctive and responsive design solutions that are not only creative and innovative, but practical, functional, sustainable and economically viable.

Renewable energy

The siting, assessment and delivery of renewable energy projects is one of our biggest areas of work. LUC is well-renowned for independent, thorough advice for landowners, developers, agencies, communities and public sector clients, taking a balanced and objective view on the best solution.Our work on site selection, landscape and ecological impact assessment, feasibility studies and grid connection routeing has aided the identification of sustainable and deliverable projects. We have experience of a range of renewable energy technologies including onshore and offshore wind and solar energ

Town & country planning

We have been responsible for navigating many projects through the planning system, from inception, through decision, to discharge of conditions. Successful projects range from housing and mixed-use developments, education and sports facilities, to renewable energy schemes. Our planning advice is often accompanied and informed by our EIA services. This helps us to ensure that any key planning issues and constraints are reflected through the design process, such that the submitted scheme complies with development plan policy as far as practicable, and smooth passage through to planning consent.

Active services

Services/specialisms by percentage of recent turnover
Ecology/land management10
Expert evidence/witness3
Government policy development3
Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)15
Landscape management5
Master planning17
Renewable energy10
Spatial planning8
Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)4
Sustainability appraisal5
Town & country planning10
Waste & recycling2