Arup provides a range of environmental consulting advice working with clients to achieve their sustainable business aspirations. Our global team, with skills in planning, engineering and project management, has a reputation for timely and cost-effective delivery across the spectrum of environmental consultancy.

Featured services

Air management

Arup's specialist air quality assessment services use state-of-the-art techniques in dispersion modelling and air quality monitoring. We maintain in-house dispersion models, including the new generation ADMS and AERMOD models favoured by the UK Environment Agency and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Models employed for other specialist assessments including in-house developments to provide a wider range of methods. Our range of projects includes specialist research studies and the development of best practice documentation and strategic policy.

Ecology/land management

Arup has a large team of ecological consultants with experience in working in all areas of assessment. We maintain a large team of surveyors and hold appropriate licences where required. We work on all scales of projects from small developments to some of the largest infrastructure projects currently being taken forward. We also provide input in BREEAM and CEEQUAL assessments

Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)

Arup provides comprehensive services in the environmental impact assessment of major development projects, and the strategic environmental assessment of plans and policies. Our specialist teams have considerable experience in the production of robust EIA documentation and defending their assessments at public inquiries. We provide extensive services in air quality, climate change potential, noise and vibration, energy assessment and carbon management; archaeology and heritage; water resources; ecology; health impact; landscape and visualisation; contamination and waste; social and community i


Arup has one of the largest specialist groups of experienced noise and vibration consultants in Europe. We work with various statutory undertakings and major development groups on the consideration of likely impacts of noise and vibration resulting from development proposals and major infrastructure. We take an active role in advising and leading research and development in noise mapping, both as a requirement of the EU Directives and as a significant tool in the practice of defining and assessing noise and vibration as an environmental impact.

Active services

Services/specialisms by percentage of recent turnover
Air management8
Contaminated land12
Due diligence/auditing3
Ecology/land management12
Energy/climate change3
Environmental management systems (EMS)6
Environmental/sustainability strategy9
Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)16
Industrial processes/hazards2
Products/supply chain stewardship1
Waste & recycling10
Water management8