Odournet UK Ltd

Odournet are an established environmental odour consultancy, consisting of an international group of environmental consultants dedicated to the specialist field of air quality and odour measurement and assessment. We provide high quality UKAS accredited odour measurement and analysis services across the UK and further afield, and specialist consultancy services for the assessment and management of odour impact.

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Air management

Odournet UK Ltd is an independent company that specialises in the provision of odour and air quality consultancy and analysis services. The company is a member of the Odournet group that operates across the world.Odournet has over 25 years experience providing consultancy advice to industry and environmental regulators, and offers a comprehensive range of technical services to investigate and resolve odour and air quality related problems. Odournet operate numerous accredited odour laboratories and are recognised market leaders in the field of sensory odour analysis.

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Services/specialisms by percentage of recent turnover
Air management45
Due diligence/auditing5
Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)50