Geosyntec Consultants Ltd

Geosyntec is a specialist environmental consulting practice. All local senior management have >25 years of direct and relevant consultancy experience. We provide services linked to understanding, managing and where possible eliminating residual environmental liability, mainly linked to contaminated land/groundwater and infrastructure at operational and "legacy" sites. We also deliver broader environmental and engineering solutions to clients.

Featured services

Brownfield regeneration/remediation

Geosyntec works for sellers, buyers and/or developers of brownfield sites, where there is a need for a specialist practice to understand and mitigate identified risk factors, to unlock value. Use of risk-based decision making, including for remediation of the development footprint and/or underlying groundwater, is key. In most cases this can be incorporated into the overall redevelopment programme. At times Geosyntec establishes longer term management, mitigation and/or protection systems, allowing development to continue, whilst preventing on-going impacts to a wider environment.

Contaminated land

Geosyntec is a recognised market leader with respect to contaminated land and groundwater. We are innovators in this respect. We work with industry, plus developers of industrial and other land, to understand, rationalise, manage and/or remediate environmental liability issues. We provide expert yet practical advice and solutions re. contaminated land and groundwater. Core to our service offering are source audits, phased investigation programmes, numerical modelling and quantitative risk assessment, regulatory negotiation, leading to risk based corrective action (remediation), when needed.

Due diligence/auditing

Geosyntec, through the CAT Alliance ("CAT"), is a leading global provider of environmental and broader due diligence (EDD) services linked to mergers and acquisitions. CAT has resident capacity in over 50 countries and access to approximately 10,000 staff around the world. The core CAT Partners, COWI, Geosyntec and Tauw, have a large and very long established presence across Europe and North America. Our service offering is broader and deeper than is typically provided by others given our blend of engineering and environmental expertise and because we are contaminated land/water specialists.

Environmental fate & degradation

Understanding the environmental fate and transport of contaminants, and how important natural attenuation is in this process, is core to Geosyntec's service offering. Such detailed assessment and modelling informs quantitative risk assessment plus remedial solution planning/implementation. Geosyntec employs a range of experts, including chemists, hydrochemists, microbiologists, contaminant hydrogeologists and hydrologists to predict and quantify environmental fate and degradation. We have a specialist laboratory facility where chemical fate/transport and treatability studies can be performed.

Environmental risk assessment

Environmental (human health) risk assessment forms the central framework within which contaminated land and groundwater investigation and remediation programmes we manage are conducted. Risk based decision making is fundamental to successful and sustainable corrective action linked to contaminated land or groundwater. Geosyntec personnel have been at the forefront of quantitative risk assessment use and development for >20 years. This includes risk to the environment and human health and specialist areas such as vapour intrusion risk and risk associated with new and emerging contaminants.

Environmental testing/analysis

Geosyntec has a specialist laboratory R&D facility at which chemical fate/transport and treatability studies are performed. These are designed to assess, on a site specific basis, the feasibility of performing already short-listed remediation technologies. This includes process based remediation, abiotic (e.g., PRBs; ISCO) and biologically mediated (e.g., enhance insitu bioremediation and reductive dechlorination) remedial approaches. Our laboratory is also used for R&D purposes and Geosyntec is well recognised as an innovator and bringer of new or enhanced technologoes to the market place.

Expert evidence/witness

Geosyntec employs experts in their field(approximately 25% with PhDs and another 55% with MSc or equivalent). We have staff who are recognised as national and in some cases global leaders. Overall >10% of our consultancy work has legal drivers with our support of clients in this repect. Assignments include those linked to environmental-engineering negligence claims, corporate sale purchase agreement related claims, regulatory or civil claims. Provision of expert advice, forensic data analysis and reporting is core to our service, as is providing expert testimony if cases proceed to court.

Geotechnical investigation

Geosyntec has a strong and well respected Geo-Environmental & Geotechnical practice. We work on challenging geo-environmental projects linked to, in particular, landfill or ash lagoon management, stabilisation and/or closure; large scale cut-off or reactive barriers to isolate or treat contaminated areas and groundwater; and geo-environmental studies linked to river, lake or marine environments. We are also expert providers of monitoring instrumentation linked to geotechnical and/or geo-environmental projects (e.g. Crossrail underground construction information management system)

Government policy development

Geosyntec consultants has provided key policy and guidance documents to European governments, including in Scandinavia, and the UK & Ireland. Some of these are linked to specific areas of expertise including non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLS & DNAPLS), the fate and transport of chlorinated solvents and vapour intrusion. A specific role in Ireland has been to lead the development of new contaminated land/groundwater policy and practice, including guideline template reports, risk ranking system for licensed industrial and waste management sites, and training/support of the EPA enforcement team.

Industrial processes/hazards

Geosyntec Consultants work with a sister company MMI Engineering in the UK to provide a wide range of safety and risk management services re. industrial processes and hazards. These include Safety Case and COMAH Case development, HSE auditing, performance standards development, probabilistic fire/blast risk assessment, ALARP studies and fire/gas detection layout and optimisation studies. Our Major Hazards Engineering offering includes fire/explosion hazard derivation including blast protection assessment/design, smoke/gas dispersion modelling and fire protection system inspection and design.

Landfill services

In the UK/Europe Geosyntec has completed numerous landfill related projects over the past few years. These have included long-term management and aftercare programmes; site restoration programmes including re-profiling and capping an industrial waste landfill; and consultancy support designed to achieve permit surrender. One multi-year project involved working for a European multinational with waste management sites across Europe to evaluate the functional stability and completion of landfill aftercare, to optimise and complete post-closure aftercare as efficiently/sustainably as possible.

Mergers & acquisitions

Geosyntec, through the CAT Alliance ("CAT"), is a leading global provider of environmental and broader due diligence (EDD) services linked to mergers and acquisitions. CAT has resident capacity in over 50 countries and access to approximately 10,000 staff around the world. The core CAT Partners, COWI, Geosyntec and Tauw, have a large and very long established presence across Europe and North America. Our service offering is broader and deeper than what is typically offered in the market, given our blend of engineering and environmental experts, and because we employ specialists.


Geosyntec is a market leader and at the cutting edge of the design and development of specialist remedial technologies including KB-1®, Savron (STAR) and electrokinetic (EK) ISCO or BIO. Geosyntec is a globally recognised specialist re. the insitu remediation of contaminated land/groundwater and has worked on remediation projects throughout Europe. Our work includes feasibility studies, pilot testing at laboratory and field scale, outline and full scale design, corrective action implementation and verification. This can incorporate infrastructure upgrades and demolition programme management.

Risk & safety

We provide risk and safety solutions based on the sound application of engineering, science and technology in combination with experience in design, construction, operations and project management. Our staff come from a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines including: structural, mechanical, civil, geotechnical, chemical and petroleum engineers who work alongside physicists, chemists and mathematicians. Services provided include safety/COMAH case development; quantitative fire and blast modelling/mitigation; structural and stress analysis design, and fire fighting system design.

Active services

Services/specialisms by percentage of recent turnover
Asbestos management/analysis2
Brownfield regeneration/remediation5
Contaminated land17
Due diligence/auditing5
Ecology/land management2
Environmental fate & degradation5
Environmental law/compliance1
Environmental risk assessment5
Environmental testing/analysis2
Expert evidence/witness5
Geotechnical investigation2
Government policy development4
Industrial processes/hazards2
Landfill services3
Mergers & acquisitions4
Nuclear services3