ACCON UK Ltd is one of the UK's leading niche environmental consultants, specialising in air quality, noise, vibration, lighting, flood risk , contaminated land and Environmental Impact Assessments.

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Expert evidence/witness

ACCON personnel have provided expert witness services at Public Inquiry, Court cases and House of Lords Select Committee. We are registered expert witnesses and have provided workshops on expert witness testimony and skills. Our expert witness cases have covered major planning projects, military training establishments, noise & vibration, lighting nuisance, air quality and health impacts. Graham Parry (ACCON's Managing Director) has been previously provided advice, workshops and webinars to Planning Inspectors in respect of the various noise issues relating to wind farm developments.

Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)

Many of the services which ACCON provide are utilised in Environmental Impact Assessments. Typically the technical disciplines include noise, vibration, air quality, microclimate and ecology. ACCON have provided the ES chapters for schemes ranging from major housing developments to new tram lines in Ireland.


ACCON UK has the expertise and experience to assess Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing in line with the recognised BRE methodology and BS 8206 to provide clear and concise reports for submission to Local Authorities. WE provide services for everything from small house extensions to very tall buildings in London and elsewhere. Utilising in-house computer graphics software we are able to demonstrate graphically the location of shadows from a development, the vertical sky component (VSC) and the Annual Probable Sunlight Hours (APSH) to explain and quantify the likely impacts of development.

Local air quality management (LAQM)

Air Quality Assessments are often required by Local Authorities for sensitive developments close to major roads and existing pollutant emissions sources as well as those which may result in increased traffic on existing road networks. ACCON are able to carry out detailed studies to determine whether a site is suitable for residential development by virtue of its proximity to a major source of pollutant emissions or its location in an existing AQMA. ACCON are also able to determine whether a development, either industrial or housing is likely to result in a deterioration of local air quality.


As specialist Noise & Vibration Consultants, ACCON UK are able to offer a wide range of vibration and acoustic consultancy services, including noise surveys, assessments, monitoring and design. Our in-house personnel have a wide range of experience across all areas of acoustics and some of our team have over 40 years of experience both within the UK and internationally. We have worked on a wide range of projects working closely with architects, planners and engineers in order to provide a comprehensive approach to projects whilst recognising the competing requirements of other disciplines.

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