ACCON UK Ltd is one of the UK's leading niche environmental consultants, specialising in air quality, noise, vibration, lighting, flood risk , contaminated land and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Featured sectors

Construction & property

ACCON have carried out a variety of assessments for the construction and property sectors with clients ranging from the Homes & Community Agency, Transport for London, Green King Pubs to Tesco Stores. We are able to provide the full range of our services which includes measurement, prediction and assessment.


ACCON personnel have been involved in the railway sector for over 30 years and have acquired specialist expertise. We have been involved in all of the major new rail schemes starting with HS1, Thameslink, Crossrail, HS2 and the LUAS line in Ireland. We are able to provide specialist design advice in respect of noise and vibration and construction monitoring of new rail schemes for noise, vibration, dust and air quality.

Renewable energy

ACCON provide specialist services to the renewable energy sectors which includes windfarms, biomass plants etc. Our expertise is principally related to providing noise, vibration and air quality impact assessment both during the construction phase and the operational phase.

Active sectors

Sectors served by percentage of recent turnover
Central government & defence5
Construction & property15
Hospitality, sports & leisure3
Local government10
Mining & quarrying5
Renewable energy15