Uniper provides a one-stop shop multi-disciplinary approach to solving energy and environmental problems. Our know-how is based on our 100 year heritage of power industry expertise. Uniper has a specialist environmental team in the UK, focussing on consenting, environmental impact assessment, compliance and performance. We also deliver engineering and technical solutions to optimise commercial performance of assets.

Featured services

Air management

Our air quality consultants can provide assessment and advice on all aspects of air quality, from emissions testing and control to local and long range air quality modelling. Uniper can undertake air quality assessments for planning, permitting and risk assessment using atmospheric dispersion models such as ADMS, including bespoke assessments for plant ranging from large gas-fired power stations to small diesel generators. In addition to providing stationary meteorological and air quality monitoring, we have a flexible mobile air quality monitoring facility.

Contaminated land

We can provide geoenvironmental risk assessments for both human health and the environment through the development of conceptual site models, and are experienced at liaising with both the Environment Agency and local authorities. We provide advice on contaminated land issues at all stages of project development from feasibility and development, through operational life and monitoring, to decommissioning and demolition. Our team regularly works with other in-house experts to ensure a comprehensive solution can be found for our customers’ sites.


Uniper specialises in planning, environmental and engineering services for power plant, from large scale coal and CCGT stations to small scale diesel and gas engines. Our experts can help small plant apply for permits required under the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and undertake the air quality assessments required. Our Test Team are experienced in performing emissions tests for compliance. Clients receive advice from us on pollution abatement, plant modifications, combustion optimisation, plant condition monitoring and optimisation of plant performance.

Energy/climate change

Uniper has extensive experience analysing Climate Change risks for our clients. We can manage the process of ensuring compliance with the EU ETS, from measurement and monitoring of emissions to appropriate standards, though to reporting and trading. Our specialists can identify the impacts of weather-related climate change on clients’ business and assist in clients’ Adaptation Plans. We undertook Climate Change Adaptation risk assessments and plans on behalf of the Electricity Generating sector for the Government.

Environmental law/compliance

Uniper measures, monitors and assesses the impact of clients’ emissions on the environment. We use practical and cost-effective methods to demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations. Our environmental compliance solutions have been applied to a range of asset types in global markets. Our experts help clients prepare for the introduction of new environmental legislation, e.g. the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and advise on installation of appropriate emission controls and monitoring techniques.

Environmental risk assessment

Uniper can assess risks for both planned and operational plant. We have decades of experience supporting asset managers making risk based decisions and ensuring compliance with ever tightening environmental legislation. Our in-house modelling capabilities facilitate human health and ecological risk assessments for air, land, habitat, plume visibility and water impacts. Using software such as CORMIX and DEFT3D we can assess discharges to rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters.

Environmental testing/analysis

Sites must monitor their flue gas emissions using Continuous Emission Monitors (CEMs) for process control and to meet statutory reporting requirements. We undertake independent verification of CEMs and calibration in accordance with European and International Standards and also provide advice on meeting permit requirements and operational improvements. We are accredited to ISO 17025 and MCERTS. Our laboratories provide analysis of waste stream and field samples. We characterise waste and by-product material for clients to determine an appropriate method of disposal.

Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)

Our experts have extensive experience of preparing Environmental Statements and can undertake impact assessments for planning and Development Consent Order (DCO) applications, environmental permitting, operational risks and decommissioning, using state of the art tools from atmospheric dispersion modelling and hydrodynamic modelling to GIS. Uniper can co-ordinate production of Environmental Statements for large projects in addition to providing specialist technical chapters of Environmental Statements. We can support clients in negotiations with regulators and stakeholder management.

Industrial processes/hazards

Uniper offers a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) service consistent with best practice techniques recognised by the UK Health and Safety Executive and other national regulators. We provide numerical quantification of the potential consequences and risks of process safety accidents and Occupied Building Risk Assessments (OBRA) for industrial sites. QRA are undertaken using PHAST (Process Hazard Analysis Software Tool). We use a comprehensive package of hazard identification/Safety Integrity Level methods including HAZID, HAZOD, LOPA, Fault Tree and ‘bowtie’ analysis.


We can provide environmental and workplace noise assessment services to clients for the whole life-cycle of installations. From plant concepts through to site demolition, we can provide noise measurement surveys, monitoring, noise control advice and modelling assessments to inform: planning; plant design and specifications; construction; post-commissioning compliance testing; plant modification and permit variations; all the way through to decommissioning. We have also developed an industry-leading advanced condition monitoring system for early plant fault identification.

Pollution control

Uniper has decades of experience in specification, engineering and troubleshooting of emissions control equipment for NOx, SOx, particulate, mercury and other flue gas species. This spans everything from coal, gas and oil units to biomass, waste (SRF, RDF) or opportunity fuel fired plant. We also have a good understanding of BAT (Best Available Techniques) application in the UK and overseas for plant regulated under the IED and previously the WID or LCPD. When required we take an all-encompassing approach considering impact on stack emissions, water, flyash and byproduct issues.

Project management

Effective project management (PM) is the key to successful project delivery: safely, to time, quality and budget. Our PM team comprises engineers and scientists, qualified to run projects using PMI, APM and PRINCE2 guidelines. These form the basis of our in-house PM standards and processes. They are tailored for our customers’ needs, enabling us to deliver all elements of a project, from initial concept, through procurement and execution, to testing and handover. We complete over 500 projects each year, covering environmental, engineering and R&D activities.

Regulatory affairs

Our industry experts can provide technical case-making to support company, sector or national positions in relation to the development and implementation of new environmental legislation and we can help clients to understand the implications of new regulations and inform decision making where different compliance options are available. We have been actively involved in UK implementation of the NECD, MCPD, IED and LCP BREF requirements and our experts have contributed to national guidance and methodologies for air quality and habitats assessments and quality assurance and calibration of CEMs.

Town & country planning

Our specialists have decades of experience understanding the planning and environmental issues related to proposed industrial developments. Uniper recognises the importance of a consenting strategy that is optimised to deliver the technical and commercial requirements of a project. We can help throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, providing a range of environmental planning services to a variety of customers covering project development, construction, operation, decommissioning and demolition.

Water management

Our specialists have extensive knowledge of water policy which governs industrial sector operations and are regularly involved in the development and review of National and European legislation and guidance. We can identify the impact of current or future operations on the water environment and advise customers through the planning and permitting regime. We have experience of representing our client’s in negotiations with regulators and statutory advisors including managing the introduction of new environmental legislation such as Eel Regulations.