Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions

Wood is a focused supplier of consultancy, engineering and project services to the world’s O&G, mining, clean energy, water and environmental sectors. We design and deliver strategic assets for our customers, offering services from environmental and front-end engineering design to decommissioning. Our UK environmental business delivers environmental, engineering and related consultancy services across public and private sectors.

Featured services

Contaminated land

Expertise includes: site investigation and remediation, liability assessments, radiological assessment and decontamination, site development, urban regeneration, site condition reports, due diligence (mergers/acquisitions).

Due diligence/auditing

Commercially acceptable and technically robust Environmental Due Diligence and auditing to: corporates; banks; the oil and gas sector; waste companies; the mining sector; other industry and legal advisors.

Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)

Full EIA expertise including: archaeology & cultural heritage, ecology (terrestrial and aquatic), noise, air quality, landscape & visual, planning, hydrology & hydrogeology, contaminated land, traffic, transportation, socio-economics. Skills include EIA project management, screening & scoping studies, environmental statement preparation & strategic environmental assessments.

Water management

Water resource management, flood management, hydro-ecology, private water supply, industrial and urban water, aquifer contamination and remediation, mining and quarrying, legislation and litigation, EIA and hydrology.

Active services

Services/specialisms by percentage of recent turnover
Air management4
Contaminated land9
Due diligence/auditing7
Ecology/land management6
Energy/climate change11
Environmental management systems (EMS)6
Environmental/sustainability strategy2
Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)12
Industrial processes/hazards2
Town & country planning8
Transport planning2
Waste & recycling8
Waste analysis/waste acceptance criteria1
Water management20