ERM (Environmental Resources Management Ltd)

ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. We have more than 160 offices in over 40 countries and territories employing more than 4,500 people who work on projects around the world. ERM is committed to providing a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality to create value for our clients.

Featured services

Brownfield regeneration/remediation

ERM is a leader in the redevelopment of brownfield sites, offering both traditional consulting services and turnkey remediation where major contamination requires in-situ treatment. We emphasise the value of detailed site characterisation and promote sustainable remediation solutions which frequently cost a fraction of more conventional approaches. We also specialise in due diligence processes to help clients manage ground-related liabilities when buying or selling large portfolios of land.

Carbon management

ERM’s services are tailored to support client programmes along the entire carbon management cycle. Our experts help companies to achieve their climate change goals by facilitating better understanding of climate change risks and impacts in order to plan successful strategies, utilising internationally credible systems and approaches to measure emissions; advising to efficiently manage reduction or mitigation; and, providing third-party legitimacy to help organisations to inform stakeholders and communicate with the public.

Chemicals managerment/REACH

ERM supports clients globally with their product stewardship needs. We provide a full range of services, from substance registration and evaluation through to authorisation and restriction, including demonstrating adequate control, analysing alternatives and socio-economic assessment, as well as compliance audit. ERM also works with clients to explore and develop their chemicals strategies, considering the impact of regulatory developments, the changing needs and objectives of customers and articulating the benefits of products, to deliver optimal product stewardship and business outcomes.

Contaminated land

ERM helps clients safely develop sustainable solutions to their contaminated land management challenges. We strive to achieve our clients’ business objectives for remediation while helping them to protect human health and ecology, satisfy their regulatory obligations, control costs and manage stakeholder expectations. Our services include decommissioning, demolition and redevelopment strategies to help capture value from discontinued operations. Our skill sets combine remediation technology, risk assessment, financial and project management, regulatory negotiations and field services.

Due diligence/auditing

ERM understands that every mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal presents a unique set of EHS, and sustainability risks and liabilities, which require rapid and rigorous quantification as part of the transaction process. We provide critical, time-sensitive advice on environmental risks to assist clients in executing their most important transactions. Our ESG expertise helps clients effectively address social (human rights, H&S, labour, community/customers, ethics), environmental (compliance, resource efficiency, legacy resolution, financial and economic impacts) and associated governance issues.

Ecology/land management

ERM helps clients to understand and manage their biodiversity risks within complex legislative frameworks and in compliance with international financial standards. Our approach is based on developing sustainable and innovative approaches that engage stakeholders. Services include developing biodiversity strategies, undertaking strategic biodiversity risk assessment at the portfolio and asset scale, project specific biodiversity assessments, management and monitoring, developing compensation/offsetting proposals, undertaking ecosystem services assessments, stakeholder engagement and training.

Energy/climate change

ERM’s Energy and Climate Change Team assists organisations with addressing the physical and regulatory risks and challenges brought about by climate change, and to seize the business and market opportunities associated with the transition towards a lower carbon economy.

Environmental law/compliance

ERM helps corporate organisations to manage their environmental, health, safety compliance obligations on a multinational basis through providing advice on relevant legal requirements and industry commitments relevant to their businesses wherever they operate. Through our network of offices globally, we are able to assist clients with on-going compliance matters through audit, assurance and risk management programmes. ERM also provides strategic and policy advice to help clients better manage compliance, risk and performance.

Environmental/sustainability strategy

Our Sustainability Services are focused on helping clients integrate sustainability into their governance, organisational culture and core business decision-making. By doing this, clients can then identify and prioritise specific sustainability opportunities that create value to the business throughout concept, design and operation.

Expert evidence/witness

ERM’s experts have extensive experience in civil courts, public inquiries, lands tribunal and other fora. Our experts are highly qualified and experienced scientists, technologists, planners and engineers with long track records, supported by the worldwide capability of the company, and can provide assistance in a wide range of areas including Town & Country Planning, Energy & Climate Change, Waste Management, Land Contamination, Transport Assessment, Water Management, Air Quality, Noise & Vibration, Landscape & Visual Assessments, Ecology, Environmental,Health, Social & Cultural Assessments.

Health & safety

ERM helps companies reach their health and safety performance potential, deliver operational excellence, manage risks and ensure regulation compliance. Our services range from traditional assessment of risk and operational design input for facilities, through compliance with H&S standards and legislation and incorporates human factors and safety culture. We work closely with our clients across the project life cycle to identify, assess and reduce risk and maximise competitive advantage.

Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)

ERM is a leading global Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment practitioner. We assist clients in getting projects planned, built and operated on schedule, while meeting their own expectations for management of environmental, social and cultural impacts. We combine experience with global standards, such as the Equator Principles and IFC’s Performance Standards, with a thorough understanding of local regulatory systems and cultural sensitivities. We apply state of the art assessment tools, from GIS to noise and air dispersion modelling and visualisation techniques.

Industrial processes/hazards

ERM quantifies and manages the safety risks associated with hazardous installations and processes, with the objective of protecting people, assets and the environment.

Life cycle assessment (LCA)/footprinting

Our life cycle management specialists help clients understand the sustainability credentials of their product portfolios from cradle to grave. We identify hotspots and improvement opportunities across carbon, water, resource and waste footprints, and other impact categories, including social, in studies from streamlined scoping assessments to full ISO-compliant LCAs. We offer bespoke training, ecodesign and footprint assessment tools alongside external support. Our work ranges from material/product-specific assessments to corporate footprints and product portfolio and supply chain analyses.

Products/supply chain stewardship

ERM supports its clients with rigorous assessment of product supply chains and their stewardship. In combination, our chemicals management, life cycle and audit practitioners provide a highly skilled global network capable of advising on relevant regulations, compliance and the sustainability issues associated with sourcing raw materials and components through global supply chains. We provide services addressing inter alia product labelling, conflict minerals, labour conditions, land use change, end of life management, benchmarking and reporting and relevant certifications such as FSC.

Active services

Services/specialisms by percentage of recent turnover
Air management1
Brownfield regeneration/remediation4
Chemicals managerment/REACH7
Contaminated land8
Due diligence/auditing10
Ecology/land management4
Energy/climate change5
Environmental law/compliance3
Environmental management systems (EMS)5
Environmental risk assessment3
Environmental/sustainability strategy5
Expert evidence/witness3
Impact assessment (EIA/SEA)15
Industrial processes/hazards3
Life cycle assessment (LCA)/footprinting3
Products/supply chain stewardship5
Waste & recycling2